$10,000 for Stand up for Kids
and Youth Emerging Stronger (YES)
to start 2022!

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Thank you for giving!

Many people give at the end of the year, our goal is to give at the beginning of 2022! Why? Because we want to start to the year off with money to help get kids off the street.  Homeless children run away becomes the homes they are in are less safe than the streets. They are betting they can survive better in the street than at home. YES is in Los Angeles, helping children daily. Stand up for Kids (Orange County) is helping kids daily, we can provide the money they need to give housing, food and clothese.


Thank you so much for your generous gifts!!

Helping a Homeless Man Get Housed
and Sell His Poems  

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$500 Was Raised!


 One of my colleagues in the field has identified a young man who is one year too old to be in our Stand up for Kids program. He is homeless; however, when people give him money, he gives them a copy of his poems. He has created a book that he put together with just staples and paper. He even used index cards to create business cards. He desires to contribute to the community; he just needs some help to get it started.

I hope that His creativity and entrepreneurship will touch my friends who own businesses, and you will want to help.

The goal is to help him get actual business cards, get his "book" copied into better paper and form, and get him a motel room for a few nights to get him off the street and able to be sheltered.

How: We do this by raising money to get a gift card to local Copy Max
and Gift card for shelter. We do not hand out cash, but we do give gift cards that can help. My colleague in Tucson will hand out the cards and oversee the process for all of us who gave.

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Thank you for giving!  We Raised $590!!

Inspired by an Idea from Dame Doria Cordova 

 We are a group of people who want to make an impact on homelessness

We will be partnering with different agencies and Non-Profits to have an impact on specific people.


We are a community of people who want to help.

Each week we will feature a project, person or organization we are focused on and 

you can help by giving whatever you want. 

We will gift you with a special Thank You and  download from one of our Generous friends who are trying to encourage everyone to give whatever they choose to give. 

We do not endorse that you physically adopt or approach anyone. Partner with us to get that 

person you identified the help they need

We our first reached our goal!

Inspired by an Idea from Dame Doria Cordova 

 We are Sending it to Stand Up for Kids.ORG

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 We reached  $333--

 but we can go past that with all of us participating just a bit! The Goal is to financially bless Doria's Homeless Person and Then I have a Mom who is a victim of domestic violence and is being evicted she contacted me on Tiktok - she is the next person on the list. 

Thank you!

What hapoens next?
We will give a grocery gift card to 

Doria Cordova on your behalf to help her through these times! 

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Flo Lattery

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drletitia   @wrightplacetv.com 

10 Easy Ways to Adopt a Homeless (Person)  Without Bringing them
to Your house

  • 1
    Carry Gift cards for fast food or grocery stores 
  • 2
    Carry and extra pair of gloves and scarves for cold season 
  • 3
    Large Ziplock bags with socks and toiletries from hotels, Don't forget women's special needs
  • 4
    Mini bottles of water and baby wipes so they can feel fresh
  • 5
    Smile and make eye contact. Acknowledge and engage- this was my mom's favorite. It would take us 30 minutes to go a block because she would speak to everyone.
  • 6
    Toothpaste and toothbrush ( everyone needs a new one after 90 days)
  • 7
    If they request medical help, call 911
  • 8
    Learn about the local shelters so you can direct people there
  • 9
    Remember youth homeless- they are mostly invisible
  • 10
    Offer Pet food for those who have pets.
  • 11
    Bonus tip: Offer Rain gear for Rainy seasons 


1. Do you give cash? No, we give gift cards for food, toiletries and sundries

2. How do you find the homeless person to help? I am connected to a network which works with homeless people. They are recommending through a criteria we have. Also, my alumni group can recommend a person. We do not accept self selection. 

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