Touch of Love: Gifts to Children with Cancer

12th Annual Toy Drive!


When a Child is in the Hospital Fighting for their life...A TOY COULD BE A BIG HELP!

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Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry is helping the smallest victims fight cancer. She is willing to use any weapon that will work against cancer. As a cancer survivor, she knows it takes more than medicine to survive. Joy and fun make a big difference when it comes to children. She provides gifts and toys for the young victims of cancer to keep them strong, full of faith, and the laughter they need to get through this difficult time. 


 We can brighten their day with your donation today.

I wish I could show you the faces of the children in the hospital... but i can't so let me tell you about them. Last year, a little girl about 3 years old, almost two feet tall walked down to the playroom to meet us. She walked alongside her mom, with her IV pole in one hand. She had no idea why she had been invited to the playroom. When she walk in and saw all the toys... her little eyes got so big. She kept looking back at her mom as if to say, "what are all those toys for? " We invited her to come over and choose what she liked and as many as she wanted. It was as if she forgot all about the IV pole that was providing her medication. Her excitement was so electric she lit up the entire room.

Rhonda Santifer 
Jane Smith

The goal is $5,000 by July 26th, 2018

12th Annual Touch of Love: Gifts to Children with Cancer brings Christmas to hospitalized children in July. The children ages range from newborn through 18. These funds will be used to purchase electronic and educational items that the children will be able to take home. We will also purchase grocery store gift cards for the parents.

Goal is $5,000 by July 21 so the gifts can be delivered July 22, 2018. 

When a child is sick and hospitalized that puts a financial burden on the family. The family becomes consumed with getting the child well again. Well, Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry wants to lighten that burden and with your help, we can make it happen.

Thank you in advance for making a donation towards bringing a smile to the faces of children fighting for their lives.

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