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Rhonda Santifer has 4 more families that she can help if we reach $3,500! It's about saving lives today!

The Biggest Problem Cancer Patients Face Today is Dying Because They Could Not Afford Their Co-Pays or Health Insurance Payments. We Can Change That! 


 Many People could recover from the cancer they were diagnosed with,  IF THEY HAD THE MEDICAL CARE THEY NEED.

Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry is answering the call. They are helping people who need MONEY to pay their co-pay or monthly health premiums. This money insures their treatment and recovery.  

Here is How You Can HELP! 

Together with Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry, we can save lives. 



Days left to raise $4,500

You can give $2.50 a day for thirty days! That's all! That's giving up one soda or coffee a day for 30 days

Step 1: We are looking for 35 people to help by giving $2.50 a day for thirty days. This small amount helps everyone's cash flow no matter how small your budget is. 

Step 2: To thank you we have two gifts. The first gift is a book of your choice from our generous authors, the second is a Facebook ad thanking you for helping us celebrate life by prolonging life! 

Step 3:  Share your Facebook Ad on your account and on Instagram to raise awareness of this coming problem.  

Recent Questions

Can't they just get Obamacare?  Obamacare or the Affordable Care act does have premiums and co-pays. For many people in cancer treatment, they are not working or have lost their jobs. There just is not enough money to pay the premium. If they lose the health care, that could be a death sentence. 

Who am I giving money to ?   Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles that offers support for everyone involved in the fight.  

Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry provides caring support for cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers through volunteers, called Care Ambassadors. We provide programs, resources, and even volunteers to escort and comfort patients during treatments. We also offer support groups, social events and financial and educational resources.

They are a 501c3, non-profit multicultural organization available to anyone affected by cancer and their families. They will work with vetted families to make sure the money is used for the needs of the family. 

Here is How You Can HELP! 

When we come together as a community, we can move mountains. It does not mean you will have to do all the "heavy lifting." The plan is $2.50 a day for 30 days. Together with Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry, we can save lives. 


Rhonda Santifer

Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry

About Rhonda Santifer

On the day of 9/11, was the day the United States and the world were turned upside down, it was also the day Pastor Rhonda Holbert Santifer began her battle with cancer. Her diagnosis was an aggressive form of breast cancer. Throughout the following year, she endured two surgeries, ten rounds of chemotherapy, and twenty-five days of radiation. During the agony of that time, Pastor Rhonda was sustained by her faith in God, a caring family, a hospital posse and good friends (one of whom is now her husband).

To celebrate the completion of her treatment, she invited other cancer fighters she had befriended throughout the year, many of them still in treatment, to a thanksgiving pot-luck where they ate, danced, and played BidWisk (a card game). At the end of the evening, no one wanted to go home, so the group decided to meet on a monthly basis. As the meetings grew, a local church, where Pastor Rhonda had spoken about her experience with cancer, donated funds and volunteers to facilitate another larger potluck and “Celebrate Life”, Pastor Rhonda’s motto, became Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry, a community of cancer fighters, survivors and their supporters, working together to help others navigate the healing process.

Today Pastor Rhonda enjoys spending time with children teaching BizCamp for NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) youth summer camp, as well as gospel music, spa days and giving hugs.

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At a time when women outnumber men in the workplace, hold more than 51 percent of managerial positions, and start new businesses every 60 seconds, many women still feel that their careers are impeded by glass ceilings, glass walls, glass cliffs, or glass cages. What if all that glass is simply a smoke screen? In the first installment of the Leading Like a Lady book series, “How to Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling,” Dr. Nadia dispels the myth of the external glass ceiling. She reveals what is truly stalling your next career advancement: your self-imposed, internal glass ceiling. The best part? Dr. Nadia explains in her no-nonsense, charming manner how to gracefully shatter that ceiling.   There are 10 real copies available- if you choose this, it will be mailed to you! 

Author, Dr. Nadia Brown 

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What is Success? And how do we get it? Why is it that some people are so successful in every area of their lives, and then others struggle just to complete the simplest of tasks. The key to all success lies in our mindset - in how we think and see ourselves. To be truly successful in any area of our life, we have to believe that we will be. In this book Destination Mastery: 7 Steps to Viral Success, Ruben West uses the intricacies and patterns of the body's own immune system as an analogy to our success mindset. There are 10 real copies available- if you choose this, it will be mailed to you!

Author, Ruben West 

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The Power of Mentorship Movie 

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This DVD features Bob Proctor, Dr. DeMartini and DC Cordova. It's all about upgrading your mindset for success.mindset.   There are 10 real copies available- if you choose this, it will be mailed to you!

Director Dr. Letitia Wright  

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